Dear Friends,  


Over the next couple of weeks, we will be opening our churches for worship, Llanos this week (June 28th) and Mojacar and Llanos the following. Aljambra chapel will be re-opened later as per their request. On line services will continue for the moment.


This is wonderful but we remain subject to the national law and to that of Andalusia.  


These basically place on us a duty to:

  1. take due care not to spread the virus,

  2. To strictly limit numbers,

  3. To make sure there is 1.5 meter gap between people not from the same household.

  4. WE MAY NOT admit people showing symptoms by law.


The following protocol was adopted by the PCC and will be followed:


  1. People must please book in with the Church wardens (Pam Carter and Janetta Causton) for services. We don’t wish to disappoint people who have come a long way!  Do not phone the Vicars!

  2. You will be required to use gel on entry to the church.  (even if you wear gloves)

  3. Please do not stand chatting in the isle – when you are pointed to a seat enter and sit down.  (measurements have been taken to keep required distancing.)

  4. Masks must be worn when not in your seat.

  5. If you consider yourself at risk you are encouraged not to come!

  6. A retiring collection will be made at the door. (We have lost months of income so past collections would be welcome.

  7. A list of those attending will be kept for contact tracing in case someone were to get ill later.

  8. Please remain in your seat for communion and stand when the person disributing approaches you. Communion is in one kind only for the moment.

  9. No post church refreshments will be served. (Bring water if needed meet in Cafes if you desire)

  10. If you talk after church stand far away from the door so others don’t have to push passed you!

  11. If you have been travelling please do not attend for a minimum period of ten days after arriving here.


Please let the church warden know if you have booked but can’t come so someone else can have your seat.


It is so important that we care for each other in doing these things!  Thank you for co-operating!


With my prayers for you and your loved ones


                                                       Vincent Oram.                                         Chaplain