Our Lord has risen and it was just wonderful to see our festively dressed little

chapel filled to overflowing! 6 had to sit in the back room as numbers topped 33,

what a joy to see and experience in worship

                                            Two ladies donned their Easter Bonnets and spring flowers

                                            adorned the church to mark our Saviour's presence.


                                             We shared communion with Rev Vincent who preached on

                                             the transforming power of love, and the joy of baking bread!


                                             Len and David shared the wonderful Easter morning

                                             scriptures and Jackie led us in prayer.


                                             Easter Sunday hymns are always a joy to sing but Kath

                                             delighted us all with the choir opening worship with

                                            "Hallelujah" And during communion Jose played Ave Maria on the oboe, hauntingly                                                                       beautiful.


                                                             What a lovely service and to end it Gill and Ron won the arrangement                                                                             prepared by Ana and an amazing 62€ was raised for our food bank. Thank                                                                   you Ana and everyone who  bought a ticket


                                                             So we left church singing Jesus is Lord and each received a chocolate egg                                                                   wrapped in a little knitted chicken, made by Jean Burr.

                                                             All just a wonderful family celebration of our loving Saviour, whose transforming love touches us all.

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