Madrid, Tuesday March 12, 2020.-


Subject: Reinforced containment / Sunday worship services for FEREDE churches


Given the events of the last hours around the spread of the infection due to coronavirus in Spain and, as a consequence, the exceptional measures that the Government and a growing number of Autonomous Communities are implementing and ordering, and before the numerous consultations that from churches and evangelical entities of the whole country is moving to us, as a Federation of Religious Entities Evangelicals of Spain (FEREDE) we consider convenient, within the responsibility that we must all assume, ask the evangelical churches throughout Spain to suspend all meetings and services for at least the next 15 days.


We believe this is the appropriate response to help control severe situation of expansion of coronavirus infection at the moment, and coincides with what many churches are already doing it on their own initiative or at the suggestion of this Federation in private consultations.


This request should also be understood as a recommendation not to hold meetings in homes, fraternities of pastors, etc., to avoid displacements, trips, and that the faithful of our churches remain in their houses as much as possible, such as the authorities are asking, especially the elderly or those with previous severe pathologies.


We also ask, as has been done so far, to maintain and transmit calm before an infection whose main severity is the rapid spread and contagiousness, which the aforementioned measures will contribute to reducing.


Likewise, we encourage churches and faithful to stay informed and attend to the recommendations and instructions of the health authorities; that the churches take advantage of the resources of new technologies to hold virtual meetings or streaming; and especially that we join together in prayer that the Lord may

grant everyone - citizens and authorities - your peace, strength, wisdom and favor to control and defeat this epidemic in the quickest and least bloody way possible.


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