"A Prayer for Mothering Sunday


The response is God of Love, Hear our prayer.


Loving Saviour who experienced the love of an earthly mother.

On Mothering Sunday we reflect and give thanks for Mother Earth, Mother Church and our earthly Mother.

God of love, hear our prayer.


You have supplied the earth with abundant riches,

We pray that humankind be wise stewards of your bounteous provision for the needs of all. Help us to encourage everyone to care for your earth so that future generations will enjoy its beauty.

God of love, hear our prayer.


Thank you for Mother Church; for the opportunities to worship together, and , as a church community, reach out in love and acceptance to the lonely, the stranger, the refugee, all who are our neighbour.

God of love, hear our prayer


We thank you for the love and nurture received from our own Mother or one who Mothered us. We are grateful that she set us on our way, protecting us from harm, directing us on the best way to live our life. We feel so blessed for her guidance which has enabled us to be the person we are today.

God of love, hear our prayer.


We ask you Lord to bring comfort and healing to everyone who this Mothering Sunday will be saddened, upset, or hurt by the memories of the day. All who have lost their mother recently or many years ago and yet the pain and deep sadness still remains.

God of love, hear our prayer.


All who have been abandoned for whatever reason by their mother. All who have been unable to have a child. All who have lost a child. All who have been hurt or abused. We ask you to enfold them in your arms and surround them with your love in their sorrow and pain.

God of love, hear our prayer.


We pray that you will give each of us grace to be mindful of others, to be kind on our words, and be sympathetic to other's situation.

God of love, hear our prayer.



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