News Update

25th May

Rev. Vincent Oram - This video clip was recorded the day before Duncan went into hospital. We publish it in loving memory of him. To view click here

25th May

Rev. Vincent Oram - During the Corona virus we have been in lockdown. Having reached phase 2 in Almeria we are now allowed to use the Churches up to fifty percent of capacity and with a number of other provisions.

It is clearly incumbent on us to open churches safely.

We are holding a virtual PCC meeting on Monday 31st may to discuss how to proceed with opening churches in the near future.

Thanks for your patience. Further news will be provided ASAP

25th May

Margie Gall - Our church may still be closed but with an easing of the restrictions on meeting together, a small group of us joined together to worship with the web service at Kath's house. It was so special to be together again and Father Alan's address made us realise just how much we have missed the simple joys of a hug of greeting from our friends. Jackie led us in a special prayer for Duncan and his family and it felt lovely to pray together and join in the amen. Hopefully we can hold more of these until our churches can be opened in Phase two."  Some of the photographs taken can be found here

23rd May

Vincent's video for the seventh Sunday of Easter can be found here

22nd May

Rev. Vincent Oram - Dear Friends 

I am very sorry to have to tell you that Duncan Burr suffered a massive stroke a few days ago (caused by a brain tumour) and died this evening. There was  little the Doctors at two hospitals could do for him except keep him comfortable. He died peacefully.

Our love to and prayers  for Jean and her  family as well as his close friends Ann and John Cooper.

21st May

Pause  for Thought can be found here

21st May

The OWL for Sunday 24th May can be found here

20th May

John Cooper It is with great sadness that we have to say that our Reader, Duncan Burr, has suffered a massive stroke & bleed caused by a tumour which is inoperable. He has been transferred from Almeria to Huercal-Overa where he is being made comfortable.

20th May

Vincent's Ascension Day video can be found here

16th May

Vincent's video the Sixth Sunday of Easter can be found here.

16th May

For the spiritual exercise with the Sunshine children click here

15th May

Duncan Burr - Further to my earlier emails I am now able to confirm that we have received an increase in the amount of donations promised for the South American Church Food Bank, so where last month we were amazed to announce that we were given a total of 150 euros.

This time the amount isexpected to be 180 Euros, which will provide a very welcome amount of provisions.  So thank you one and all for your generosity.

14th May

Margie Gall - On the 13th May, with Jim's consent and the permission of the police, we were able to get into the church to collect all your kind donations of food. Further information can be found here

13th May

Duncan Burr - Sadly once again I’m not writing to give information about our service and food collection tomorrow.  Those remain indefinitely on-hold, due to this pesky virus and our need to protect each other, though we do understand that, with fairly extensive conditions, there are thoughts that Church Services may be once more permitted

within the next month or so.  So it is again in that context writing in hope that you are managing to keep sane in this tiresome period and well.  How much we need to keep in touch and confirm we’re each staying safe and well.


So, instead of writing about the service at Aljambra tomorrow, I’m actually writing to confirm that this will not be happening, but that we do still need to make donations to those extremely poor folk at the South American Church in Albox, and that in view of the difficulty in arranging to collect donations at a Service, we have decided to continue the system we initiated last month of making a cash donation to the Church itself, for the Pastor there to arrange food purchase and distribution as he sees best.  So last month we made a total donation of 150€, which was very gratefully received, and I am again now asking that you let me know how much you would like ne to donate on your behalf, so I can make the necessary bank transfer tomorrow.


But of course I’m sure we are all missing the opportunity to worship God together, so, for the sake of any who may not be aware, I thought I should take this opportunity to remind you that rev Vincent does make a video of a service available on the Church website each week, and we would encourage you to check this out every Sunday morning so we could aall, at least notionally, worship together.  So the Church website can be found at on which you'll see various heading, one of which is for Vincent's Videos, which will each week include a service you can watch on Sundays.  So this coming Sunday I would expect there to be one entitled “Sixth Sunday of Easter”.  And in addition of course there will almost certainly be a “Morning Worship” on BBC1 at around mid day, designed for all the many Christians unable to attend a Church Service during these difficult times.  The hymns on this program were mostly recorded a year or two ago, on “songs of praise”, when Churches were fully open, so generally well-known hymns that are easy to join with and sing along at home.


Hoping to be able to see you before too long.

10th May

Margie Gall - Peace be with you all on this lovely Sunday morning. Our church doors may be closed but our hearts are always open to praise our God. Can be viewed here

9th May

Vincent's video "The Fifth Sunday of Easter" can be viewed here

2nd May

Vincent's video "The Fourth Sunday of Easter" can be viewed here

1st May

The latest edition of El Peregrino can be found here

30th April

Prayer Diary for May can be found here

29th April

Duncan Burr - A poem for these difficult days


Nature’s Promise

“Who will pick our flowers to make a daisy chain?

We’ll hold-on” said the daisies, ”till the children play again.

We are under the same sky so united we will stand,

And the flora and the fauna will hold the human hand.”


 “Who will use our branches to shelter from the rain?

  We’ll stand tall”, said the oak tree, “till the lovers walk again”.


“It’s quiet”, said the robin, ”I do not like it so;

“Then sing louder!” said the blackbird, “and let the people know

  that the flora and the fauna will hold the human hand

  until the darkness and the fear is lifted from our land.


The blossoms will be brighter, and the bird song sweeter still,

  when we all can walk together – and I promise that we will.”

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