By Janine Griffiths-Heinsius



To spend your time in the hospital is a bit sad, specially in December. Dudley was there and my husband Gwyn was there. So Janet and I met each other now and than and we went for coffee in the downstairs restaurant.


But….. do not forget that December is a month for welcoming surprises.


So it happened  that one late afternoon, in the corridor of 'Medicina Interna',  suddenly a little happy group appeared…6 members of our Llanos del peral Church….smiling faces

They came to sing Christmas carols for Dudley and they also sang for Gwyn and extra for another patient in a room next door, because he was so touched by those voices.


They also would have liked to sing for Janice ( the original plan ), but she went home just a few weeks earlier.


Making an effort (giving their time and driving a distance) to give other church members  a smile… lovely is that! Thank you so much for coming and bringing a touch of love and Christmas  blessings. It is just an action on small scale, but so very much appreciated!!


                                                             Pauline, Cath, Len, Janetta, Jim and Margie ( unfortunately not on this photo )