Aljambra Update

And sadly once again I’m not writing to give information about our service and food collection tomorrow.  Those remain indefinitely on-hold, due to this pesky virus and our need to protect each other, though we do understand that, with fairly extensive conditions, there are thoughts that Church Services may be once more permitted within the next month or so.  So it is again in that context writing in hope that you are managing to keep sane in this tiresome period and well.  How much we need to keep in touch and confirm we’re each staying safe and well.


So, instead of writing about the service at Aljambra tomorrow, I’m actually writing to confirm that this will not be happening, but that we do still need to make donations to those extremely poor folk at the South American Church in Albox, and that in view of the difficulty in arranging to collect donations at a Service, we have decided to continue the system we initiated last month of making a cash donation to the Church itself, for the Pastor there to arrange food purchase and distribution as he sees best.  So last month we made a total donation of 150€, which was very gratefully received, and I am again now asking that you let me know how much you would like ne to donate on your behalf, so I can make the necessary bank transfer tomorrow.


But of course I’m sure we are all missing the opportunity to worship God together, so, for the sake of any who may not be aware, I thought I should take this opportunity to remind you that rev Vincent does make a video of a service available on the Church website each week, and we would encourage you to check this out every Sunday morning so we could aall, at least notionally, worship together.  So the Church website can be found at on which you'll see various heading, one of which is for Vincent's Videos, which will each week include a service you can watch on Sundays.  So this coming Sunday I would expect there to be one entitled “Sunday after Ascension”.  And in addition of course there will almost certainly be a “Morning Worship” on BBC1 at around mid day, designed for all the many Christians unable to attend a Church Service during these difficult times.  The hymns on this program were mostly recorded a year or two ago, on “songs of praise”, when Churches were fully open, so generally well-known hymns that are easy to join with and sing along at home.


Hoping to be able to see you before too long.





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