The Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria

                    & Costa Calida.


                   “The Owl” - Chaplaincy NEWSLETTER

                   9th May 2021.        6th  Sunday of Easter.


“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you”. 

                                              John 15. Verse 12.




Risen Christ, by the lakeside you renewed your call to your disciples; help your Church to obey your command and draw the nations to the fire of your love, to the glory of God the Father. Amen



Introduction and Call to Worship

The psalmist prays that God may be “gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us”. Let this be our joyful prayer in our worship today.



Hymns this week

450    Morning has broken like the first morning,

814    Hallelu

  54    At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow,

  29    Amazing grace! How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me,

766    You shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace,



Today’s Readings

First Reading Acts 10. 44 to end

Peter and his friends witness the Holy Spirit entering the Gentiles, then Peter baptised them in the name of Jesus.

Second Reading 1 John 5. 1-6

John explains that we are all children of God and that our faith will conquer the world.

Gospel John 15 9-17

Jesus tells his disciples about the love he and the Father have for them, they must go out and take his word to the world.



Introduction to the Peace.

True to his promise, Christ is with us here and now. Mindful of his presence with us we turn to one another in greeting and fellowship. The peace of the Lord…



Post Communion Prayer.

God our Father, who’s Son Jesus Christ gives the water of eternal life: May we thirst for you, the spring of life and source of goodness, through him who is alive and reigns, now and for ever. Amen




May you be inspired and motivated by the example of Christ. May you always stop to see your brothers and sisters in need. May you find ways to fulfil your God given potential? May you enrich and be enriched by your community, and may the ripples move out and into the wide world. And the blessing of God almighty…





La Mata Apartment.    As most of you will already know, Rev Vincent has purchased an apartment to live in leaving the church apartment at La Mata vacant. The church council after much deliberation has decided to let the property out for holiday rental.

The reason for this decision is to be able to cover the ongoing costs of keeping the apartment whilst keeping our options open for its future use.

In order to do this, as the property has been empty for a couple of months, we intend to form a group of people to do some decorating and cleaning, in order to give us the best chance to let it. Please speak to Pam if you can help.



AGM 2021.    As previously announced this year the meeting will be held on the 17th of May. With this in mind if you want to vote in any of the elections you will need to be on the Electoral Roll. If you are not on the roll and wish to be, please contact one of the church wardens who will supply the correct form to apply.



Aljambra    The next Eucharist Service in Albox will be at 11a.m. on Thursday the 13th of May.  This will again be at the South American Church (Agua Viva) which is in Calle Segovias, Albox. For further information or seat bookings please contact Janetta at



Financial Support    Due to the Covid epidemic our church is struggling financially. Those of you who either do not feel safe to attend church or if you are prohibited by local lockdowns, you may like to give your donations electronically. Our bank details are Banco Sabadell, account name ENT. RELIG. CAPELLANIA, COSTA ALMERIA Y COSTA CALIDA. Acc Number ES33 0081 1504 3500 0149 3352 Please put your name as reference. Many thanks to all that support us this way, with your help there should be a church to return to.



Thoughts for this Week.     I pray because I believe in the power of prayer, I pray because I have no doubt God will answer my prayers. No matter what others might say, I will pray. Remember life without Jesus is like an unsharpened pencil, it has no point.



A Prayer for this week.

Dear God, as I lay down to sleep, relax the tension of my body, calm the restlessness of my mind, and still the thoughts which worry me. Help me when I bring my problems to you. I ask you to be the light for my way, give me the strength for my tasks, the peace for my worries and for the forgiveness of my sins.  Amen.


Priests                                                   Rev. Canon Vincent Oram             603 659 139.

                                                               Rev. Canon Alan Bennett.             680 243 436.


Church Warden                                    Pam Carter.                                    675 927 460                            



Church Warden                                    Janetta Causton                             661 575 606



Secretary to the Church Council        Terri Lyndon                                    634 319 412



Electoral Roll Officer                            Alwyn Carter                                   675 927 460

and Owl Editor                                        


Safeguarding Officer                            Darren Ellsum                                634 360 875



Readings next week, Ascension Sunday.


                      Acts 1. 15-17, 21 to end.  1 John 5. 9-13. 

                                      Gospel John 17. 6-19



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